Clients: why couldn’t my business conduct WeChat ads? we don’t see such problem in Facebook sponsor ads.

The first thing you need to know about advertising in China are that it’s a closed ecosystem and a highly regulated market. If you don’t keep to Chinese advertising regulations, the platform may…

What does a bad client look like?

High demands, missing when it's time to pay the invoice, some might even come up with excuses as to why they deserve more than what was initially agreed upon.

For years, as a service provider, we have learnt to place red flags for…

Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $9.7B in 2020. Such a figure, and imagine you could simply earn 0.01 percent from it?

UGC, the shortform of “User Generated Content”. Which use influencers to post content on behalf instead of the brand’s effort, where brands can easily repost…

The coronavirus outbreak is crippling China’s film industry, Says who? Yet, online Platform in China is blossoming again?

“Lost in Russia”, free streaming in VOD platforms, the cinemas are extremely unhappy.

(translate; latest news: Shanghai Zhejiang and other cinema operators were disatisfied with “Lost In Russia” free streaming on the very first day of Chinese New Year. All China cinema operators are pledging to the National Film Development Authority to halt such action)

The cinema operators are practically mad. Breaking…

Be absolute to minimise your company size, but to expand your client base. — Goal for 2020.

For real?

Cost Control vs. Cost Management. Image from:

Minimising your entrepreneurship could make you focus on your specialty and self-growth. It is time to gather “energy” in the Chinese saying goes; Quality, but not quantity. Simply it meant.


Grace Low

Regional Director of Ufriendmedia Malaysia.

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