What does a bad client look like?

High demands, missing when it's time to pay the invoice, some might even come up with excuses as to why they deserve more than what was initially agreed upon.

For years, as a service provider, we have learnt to place red flags for those bad clients. Some friends would tell me "not to miss any golden opportunity" but the trust of the matter is, knowing what to avoid, stay away, would help us save both time and money.

Also, we have learnt to stop doing free proposals to clients that ask for "what…

Do you know, WeChat users can do everything from posting videos, share a livestream, and until to fill a divorce within the app. The largest social network in China has more than 1 Billion users up to date, and with more than 330 million active users, daily.

We segregate WeChat ecosystem to few;

  1. WeChat Official Account.

Do you want to be a part of Chinese Ads Matrix Marketing?

Oh my, which good Samaritans did this chart?

Source: https://www.hicom-asia.com/chinese-kol-top-10-social-media-platforms-they-use/

The cooperation of various resources and channels have a been a norm to keeping up one’s enterprise onto the current trend. A Marketing Matrix is essentially a plot on a two or even more dimensional plane according to how well they meet customers’ key requirements. Digital market and environment have changed too rapidly.

Too many platforms, too many channels to study. Why and how?

  1. Changes in users lifestyle, which goes along with timezone differences and regions. …

Lockdown is subsiding, are you dying to start booking for your next travel? I am!

Meituan and Dianping (03690.HK)

Its been number 50++ days since the first day of lockdown in Malaysia…

Friends have been asking what I have done, aside from doing some casual cooking with my husband. Oh yes, we did, tried different recipes in the first 2 weeks, indeed. Kitchen — living hall for Netflix and Youtube — the bedroom and sleep. Eat-sleep-play-repeat! But, what else? We should take this opportunity to upgrade ourselves, to prepare for a new world after this pandemic.


Gazillions of Youtube/Facebook marketing gurus popping up during this lockdown, teaching you on “how to grow your business through Facebook marketing…

The New York Times

So for the past few weeks we have been having good “Quarantainment” within ourselves. However this speaks alot on how this pandemic affected on behavioural change.

People are likely to start preparing their own meals.

Influencer Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $9.7B in 2020. Such a figure, and imagine you could simply earn 0.01 percent from it?

UGC, the shortform of “User Generated Content”. Which use influencers to post content on behalf instead of the brand’s effort, where brands can easily repost and regram UGC from users’ accounts, and nearly 100% of consumers trust recommendations from others.

Regions like Malaysia, recently that we are all eyeing on Social Media aka Instagram for new brand’s fastest and most effective promotion. Especially in the F&B chains.

Picture retrieved from http://newsbee.com.my/detail/26/1356/newsbeemap-ss15-tientien-yogurt

The coronavirus outbreak is crippling China’s film industry, Says who? Yet, online Platform in China is blossoming again?

“Lost in Russia”, free streaming in VOD platforms, the cinemas are extremely unhappy.

(translate; latest news: Shanghai Zhejiang and other cinema operators were disatisfied with “Lost In Russia” free streaming on the very first day of Chinese New Year. All China cinema operators are pledging to the National Film Development Authority to halt such action)

The cinema operators are practically mad. Breaking the records of being the first ever FREE-to-watch Chinese New Year film, in online platforms. Shouldn’t we congratulate the director Xu-Zheng for his marvellous business mind? Hey! all the other New year films were halted for cinema releases, not only nationwide, but worldwide.

WORLDWIDE! all of the new year films.

Be absolute to minimise your company size, but to expand your client base. — Goal for 2020.

For real?

Cost Control vs. Cost Management. Image from: https://www.projectcontrolacademy.com/cost-management-vs-cost-control/

Minimising your entrepreneurship could make you focus on your specialty and self-growth. It is time to gather “energy” in the Chinese saying goes; Quality, but not quantity. Simply it meant.

Focus on your clients’ voice and the markets demand. The direction is how we could cope with cost management, and to win in pricing competition. Thus
establish a long-term competitiveness based on capabilities.

Wang Hong (网红)= internet Celebrity, aka Key Opinion Leaders. Image capture from: https://huaban.com/pins/2240237059/

Key Opinion Leaders are no longer someone “famous” in their profession but in their social media fanbase.

Miss Yeah 办公室小野

A Sichuan sweet yet petite lady (158cm with 44kg, really?). Her super-extra-organic cooking show lures people to start making lunch in the office pantry.

Grace Low

Regional Director of Ufriendmedia Malaysia. https://www.linkedin.com/in/gracelow928/

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